5 flowering plants to plant in and around a stable yard

Below are 5 easy plants to have in a stable yard, that will add some colour to the yard and are safe to grow where horses may want to sample them. They are all fairly drought resistant and low maintenance.

Wild garlic: Tulbaghia violacea .  This is an indigenous evergreen garden plant that has mauve flowers. It is drought resistant, hardy and can tolerate hot areas. Reaches a height of .50m and grows in clumps. The smell of crushed leaves repels mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.  Horses tend to avoid eating wild garlic plants but if they do ingest some of the plant it is not toxic.

Wild garlic

Lavender: Lavandula. Lavender is a very popular plant and for good reason. It has insecticidal properties that are used the world over and has been used for centuries for its smell and medicinal properties. Lavender is a bushy, strong scented plant that attracts bees and butterflies. It handles pruning and trimming well and can be used as a border plant or in pots. It is said to repel rats and mice which is always a useful attribute when animal feed is on a property which attracts vermin.  The aroma of lavender is said to have a calming effect. Bees are attracted to lavender so that’s a small concern with regard to where the lavender is planted with respect to horses.


Nasturtium: Tropaeolum.  Nasturtiums are very colourful, and easy to grow. They grow well as a ground cover and also in pots. There are both climbing and trailing types of nasturtium, and they grow best and bloom well in full sun. They also grow in fairly poor quality soil and are somewhat drought tolerant. An easy annual plant to add a bit of colour to your stable yard and nasturtiums are non toxic to horses.


Spekboom : Portulacaria afra .  Spekboom is a wonderful, small leaved succulent that is so easy to propagate and produces a wonderful soft pink array of flowers when in full bloom, that it has to be included in this list. Horses may eat it if there is nothing else available but it is non toxic and handles pruning well so can be used as a hedging or just randomly planted around a stable yard. It is extremely hardy and drought resistant and also helps to prevent soil erosion where it is planted. Spekboom handles full sun well and a fair degree of frost too.


Geranium: Pelargonium. Geraniums are very pretty and come in an array of colours and sizes, to spice up the aesthetics of a yard. They can be grown in poor soil, sun or shade and in pots. They are also very easy to care for, and very easy to propagate. They have quite a pungent smell and horses tend to leave them alone and don’t eat them. The flowers attract butterflies and there are also varieties like the rose geranium that have a really lovely smell to them and can only be a good plant to have in a stable yard.


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